Musicians’ Town Hall

If you perform regularly in Portland nightclubs, bars, restaurants, and coffee shops, you’re probably well aware of the challenges musicians face, from earning a sustainable living, to involving ‘the house’ as equal partners in promotion, to getting good sound for your fans.

You’ve probably even got ideas and opinions. Well, those are valuable, but only if you share them.  

Forget about hate-flaggers, trolls, flamers, ranters, and the opinionated cynics who’ll try to tell you (whilst sitting on their asses,) that we can’t all collaborate to make a more vibrant, sustainable music scene.

Are you one of them, content with idle complaints and negativity, or are you ready to make it happen for Portland? Come start by sharing your ideas and opinions with a group of forward-thinking performers.


Next meeting: Fair Trade Music General Meeting 

Open to all Musicians

Tuesday June 30th 11am-12

AFM Local 99 rehearsal hall
325 NE 20th
(20th & Sandy, behind Phó Gia)

Now’s your chance to get on board. Are you coming?

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